voice-activated pickup rhythm light


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【Unique design】The RGB sound control light has a built-in high-sensitivity pickup MIC, which has an intelligent noise reduction function. It can easily pick up the ambient sound, and even the complicated rhythm can easily keep up, and automatically display the color blocks according to the rhythm.

【Multiple color modes】This sound-sensitive music has 32 built-in RGB lamp beads, 18 color modes, 8 display modes, 5-speed adjustable speed and 4-speed adjustable color. You can freely adjust to create interesting musical visual effects.

【Selected materials & High quality】This voice-activated pickup rhythm light is made of ABS and acrylic and has excellent workmanship. The LED is a high-quality RGB lamp bead, which is stylish and strong. Small size, light weight, light color and appearance mode can be set according to your own preferences, it is an indispensable product in home entertainment and in-vehicle.

【Easy to use】The voice-activated pickup lamp adopts a USB charging design, and at the same time, you can set and adjust your favorite mode and color through the APP, and you can freely realize a variety of mode conversions. Create a colorful and interesting desktop/car to bring you a good mood.

【Applicable scene】The voice-activated rhythm light is suitable for parties, stages, bars, weddings, KTV, family gatherings, and DIY. Easy to carry, it is an indispensable product for home furnishing and car decoration. A great gift for friends and music lovers.